Clinical Supervision For Individual, Couple and Family Counselling

Clinical Supervision

For Individual, Couple and Family Counselling


Family is the cornerstone for fostering individual’s personal growth and development of interpersonal relationship. It nevertheless plays an important role in individual emotional issues, mental health problems, conflict between couples, difficulties in parenting, dissatisfaction within a family etc. By exploring family relationships, family members are able to recognise their strengths and resources in resolving these issues.

The Marriage and Family Therapy Supervision as provided by Family Dynamics could help social workers and counselling professionals to use different perspectives and the family systemic lens to understand client’s issue through examining their predisposing, precipitating and perpetuating factors. Through adopting various schools of family therapy and practical skills, the supervision service aims to enhance the effectiveness of using family therapy, in turn facilitates client’s motivation to progress and change.

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Individual: $700/hour
Group: $800/2hours (2-4 people)


  1. Trainees are welcomed to bring their own cases to supervision. Clinical cases can be provided if needed.
  2. Applicants should bring along audio or video recordings of cases during supervision sessions for discussions.
  3. Supervisors and applicants (for individual or group) are to discuss among themselves the duration and frequency of supervision sessions.


  1. Please call 2468 1261;
  2. WhatsApp 55076199 (
  3. Email at or
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