About Us

Background of Organization

Family Dynamics was originally founded by a group of marriage and family therapists who graduated from the HKU Family Institute. Our team includes well-trained and experienced professionals of various fields, such as counseling, education, medical professions and arts. We hope to provide effective therapy to individuals, couples and families from all walks of live. We also provide talks, workshops and courses to schools and organizations. We devoted ourselves to promote family harmony, happy marriage and mental wellbeing in the society. We have pediatrician and university clinical supervisor as our consultants. We ensure to provide you with high quality services in assessment and therapy.

We also hold different types of family education and mental health lectures for the public and provide consultant training and clinical supervision services for different groups and institutions.



Everyone deserves a healthy and happy life and a happy relationship.

The family can be a good cornerstone for the healthy development of each person’s body, mind, society, and spirit.

Individuals and families evolve into positive interactions.


It is our mission to

  • Caring for each recipient and helping them reconnect with themselves and important others
  • Provide high-quality, professional and affordable counselling services
  • Promote the development of the counselling profession and increase its influence on society
  • Promote family system based counselling services
  • Build a platform for coaching professions and cultivate newcomers
  • Provide peer supervision and discussion opportunities to promote professional development
  • Share our experiences by providing supervision and through peer learning.
  • Promote the establishment of happy and healthy individuals, marriage and family life through collaboration with different stakeholders, and promote social harmony and progress.



  • Based on personal
  • Caring and Listening
  • Connect and Comprehend
  • Family-oriented
  • Trust and Accompany