Individual, Marriage and Family Counseling Service

Individual, Marriage and Family Counseling Service

Counseling service is mainly conducted in face-to-face interview. Family therapists would provide a safe environment for clients and families in exploring, enhancing and rebuilding connections with the self and the others.

Family CounselingParent-child relationship, single-parent stress, parenting gifted and SEN children, trans-generational relationship, remarried families, and family crisis.
Couple counselingMarital relationship, couple communication.
Individual counselingPersonal growth, personality analysis, interpersonal relationship, stress management, psychological and emotional distress, adolescent behavior and emotion counseling.
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Senior Marriage & Family Therapist/ Supervisor:

$1,500 ~ $2,200 per hour

Marriage & Family Therapist/ Counsellor

$1,000 ~ $1,200 per hour

Semi-obligatory Counsellor

$600 per hour

Intern/ Voluntary Counsellor

$200 per hour