Family Dynamics Special Group Counselling Offer Scheme

Family Dynamics has always been providing professional clinical counselling services for individuals, couples and families, improving relationships, building healthy interaction models, that allows everyone to grow and enjoy life.

Over the past decade, Family Dynamics has gained trust from the public, consolidating our experiences in clinical service provisions and is confident to take a step further in development. In order to contribute to the community, we are grateful to provide counselling services to the following special groups:

1. Play Therapy (Children from CSSA Families or Low-income families) – Charges: $200/hour
2. Students (18 years or older) – Charges: $200/hour;
3. Retirees/couples (65 years or older) – Charges: $200/hour;
4. CSSA Families – Charges: $200/hour.
4. Low-income families (total household income of $30,000 or less) – Charges: 1.5% of household income

If you or your friends are experiencing family or interpersonal issues, do not hesitate to contact us. Our psychotherapists, qualified with master’s degree and professional training in counselling, will do our best to provide you our help.

Note: Limited space available monthly, first-come-first served. Please queue when quota is full.

For enquiry and booking:
Please call 2468 1261/ WhatsApp 55076199 ( or
leave your message at:

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